Last concert in worms

The first documented synagogue in Worms dates back to the year 1034, funded by Jakob ben David and his wife Rahel – a preserved inscription testifies that – and is one of the oldest Jewish houses of prayer in the German-speaking lands. After devastations during the crusades, the so called “men’s synagogue“ was built in 1174/75 by Christian craftsmen from and in the roman style of the local cathedral, in 1212/13 a “women’s synagogue” was added to the corpus. Throughout the centuries, destroyed and rebuilt several times, the Synagogue always served as the centre of the significant Jewish community of Worms. During Nazi reign, the edifice was burned and torn down. The Jewish community ceased to exist. The building, however, has been rebuilt and consecrated in 1961, and is used for services by the Mainz community, who is also the proprietor.

10. Juli, introduction 19:30, concert 20:00

Worms Synagogue

Synagogenplatz, 67547 Worms